Performance Improvement & Enhancement
The Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP) initiative is one of the main offerings of the Practice Improvement and Enhancement (PIE) program available through a partnership with the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative. PIE is designed to assist rural clinics in Colorado meet measures and objectives that show quality patient treatments and outcomes.  These requirements are being directed by both private and government insurers through incentives (pay for performance, national quality recognition) and regulations (requirements to meet “meaningful use” standards for electronic health records, government quality assurance and performance initiatives).

There are different levels of services and tools that are offered through PIE designed to help rural clinics meet regulatory and incentive measures:
  • One time services and trainings
  • Tools that RHCs can be taught to use to help internal processes and clinical outcomes
  • Data collection and analysis
    • Workflow and process
    • Clinical data
  • Long-term coaching and technical assistance towards national health care quality certification and recognition (Patient Centered Medical Home)
  • Creation of continually improving organizations
  • Clinic specific needs
The Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP) initiative is one of the main offerings of the PIE program.  Currently available to rural clinics in southeastern Colorado, IPIP is a comprehensive way for clinics to redesign processes to have a positive impact on clinical processes and patient outcomes using:
  • Electronic registry tools for tracking chronic disease patients
  • Long-term on site independent coaching
  • Implementation of the Chronic Care Model and Model for Improvement
  • Self-management tools for patients are integrated into care
  • Comprehensive quality improvement

For more details on PIE services, please contact Courtnay Ryan at or 303.309.6807.

Rapid Improvement Activities
Through a partnership with the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative, CRHC’s Program Improvement and Enhancement (PIE) program is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to improve care and train staff at rural health clinics on the latest evidence-based care guidelines without leaving the office or taking time away from patients!

Rapid Improvement Activities are one hour trainings facilitated by CRHC which teach your staff how to immediately implement the use of one chronic disease management guideline that can be replicated for other care guidelines.  These Rapid Activities can be offered at a time best suited for your clinic’s staff (we’ll even provide breakfast or lunch!).

Topics include:

  • Alcohol and Substance Use Screening and Brief Intervention (SBIRT)
  • Obesity Assessment and Management
  • Tobacco Cessation and Secondhand Smoke Exposure
  • Adult Preventative Care

What do you get from participating in a Rapid Improvement Activity?

  • Free training on current evidence-based guidelines
  • Facilitated brainstorming session on how to best implement and provide priority preventative services
  • Resources and tools to help educate and address patient needs
  • A locally-based coach who can help with follow-up services